Health and Physical Education program


The Bucasia State School Health and Physical Education Program was developed based on the interests of the local community as well as the requirements of the Queensland Studies Authority through the Essential Learnings.

The Physical Activity strand is covered by a specialist teacher and the Health and Personal Development strands are embedded in all classroom teaching.

Productive pedagogies

The Productive Pedagogies are the foundation on which this program implements the intended curriculum as described below.

Intellectual Quality

Students are challenged throughout this program to both develop and enhance their skills. They are also faced with the task of learning new information as well as understanding and interpreting this information appropriately.  


Students will be exposed to ‘real-life’, practical and hypothetical scenarios both in physical activity lessons and health lessons.  

Supportive Classroom Environment

The program emphasis a balance of skill development, participation and competitiveness. Students will learn to be responsible for their own individual actions and relationships with others in lessons.

Recognition of Difference

Students will be exposed to vast range of different tasks and in these tasks see a range of abilities. Some students will be faced with challenges that others do not face. These will be recognised through both reflection and the nurturing of a supportive environment.  

Handheld learning in Physical Education

Emerging technologies for a 21st Century curriculum

Throughout this program there are several units that require the use of ICT’s. These learning experiences are generally in the health units and involve anything from internet searches to ‘PowerPoint’ presentations however Ms Lloyd has been looking at different ways she can maintain and use her cutting edge technologies and develop her pedagogy here at Bucasia State School.

Ms Lloyd has been showing students how Smart Technologies can enhance their lessons and learnings. ICT integration has helped Ms Lloyd to differentiate and provide new experiences for our students and it has also helped students to understand a concept better and provide extra help for them.

Ms Lloyd states, “Ultimately we strive to improve teaching and learning to help students learn in a more 21st century way”.

Useful Sport apps

Ms Lloyd actively uses and highly recommends the following Apps:

Nike Training Club

Nike training club icon

This App provides detailed step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations for workouts that build on the fundamentals of strength, cardio, interval and core training. This is a fantastic App that has been used in Year 5, 6 and 7 fitness lessons in Term 1.

For Kids - Energy Blasts

energy blast appThis is a great App that has been used to provide quick and fun warm up activities engaging students with visual and audio stimuli. Have you ever wondered how to do the Hamstring curl? How to dance the shuffle? How to do the Running V-Step?

Tennis Coaching Drills

tennis practicing drills app iconThis App provides hundreds of the best tennis drills created by tennis coaches. Students use this App to utilize court diagrams, drill descriptions and coaching tips.

Soccer Trainer

soccer training app iconAn awesome App that aids in developing soccer game skills. Students can view training videos and listen to instructions of the latest techniques to aid in the improvement of each student’s game, agility and overall health.   

Interschool sport

Students in Year 4 to 7 are heavily encouraged to participate in interschool competition for 18- 20 weeks of the year (when offered by Cumberland Sub-District Sports or the Mackay and District Sports Council).    


There is also a Swimming Carnival for Years P - 7, swimming lessons for Years P – 5, Surf Awareness Program for Years 6 - 7 and Cross Country and Sports Days for all students.

Ms Lloyd regularly partners with sport specific Development Officers to ensure students are kept abreast with the latest coaching practices and the students get a buzz out of working with our different sports minded people within our community. 

Last reviewed 24 June 2019
Last updated 24 June 2019