Health and Physical Education program


Health and Physical Education program

Health and Physical Education offers experiential learning, with a curriculum that is relevant, engaging, contemporary, physically active, enjoyable and developmentally appropriate. Integral to Health and Physical Education is the acquisition of movement skills, concepts and strategies that enable students to participate in a range of physical activities confidently and competently. In Health and Physical Education, students develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to support them to be resilient, to develop a strong sense of self, to build and maintain satisfying relationships, to make health-enhancing decisions in relation to their health and physical activity participation, and to develop health literacy competencies in order to enhance their own and others' health and wellbeing.

Intellectual Quality

Students are challenged throughout this program to both develop and enhance their skills. They are also faced with the task of learning new information as well as understanding and interpreting this information appropriately.  


Students will be exposed to 'real-life', practical and hypothetical scenarios both in physical activity lessons and health lessons.  

Supportive Classroom Environment

The program emphasis a balance of skill development, participation and competitiveness. Students will learn to be responsible for their own individual actions and relationships with others in lessons.

Recognition of Difference

Students will be exposed to vast range of different tasks and in these tasks see a range of abilities. Some students will be faced with challenges that others do not face. These will be recognised through both reflection and the nurturing of a supportive environment. 

Handheld learning in Physical Education

Useful Sport apps

Nike Training Club

This App provides detailed step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations for workouts that build on the fundamentals of strength, cardio, interval and core training.


For Kids - Energy Blasts

This is a great App that has been used to provide quick and fun warm up activities engaging students with visual and audio stimuli. Have you ever wondered how to do the Hamstring curl? How to dance the shuffle? How to do the Running V-Step?

Tennis Coaching Drills

This App provides hundreds of the best tennis drills created by tennis coaches. Students use this App to utilize court diagrams, drill descriptions and coaching tips.


Soccer Trainer

An awesome App that aids in developing soccer game skills. Students can view training videos and listen to instructions of the latest techniques to aid in the improvement of each student's game, agility and overall health.  


Swimming lessons occur every year, usually in Term 4.

Sports Days, Cross Country, Gala Days and Interschool Sport

Every year, Junior and Senior sports days are planned for all students. Dressing up in their team colours and trying their best in track and field events makes for a fun day. These days usually occur in Term 2 depending on State and National Athletic Carnivals.

Cross Country is an annual event in Term 1 where students who are 10 years old run 2 km and 11 and 12 years olds run 3 km. Training begins at the start of the term to build up their required distance.

Gala Days and interschool sport and involve different sports for the children to experience and participate in.

Last reviewed 26 August 2020
Last updated 26 August 2020