Principal's welcome


The Department of Education, Training and the Arts provides every Queenslander with the opportunity to engage in quality learning experiences, achieve recognised qualifications and enjoy Queensland’s rich arts and cultural environment throughout their lives.

My staff and I are committed to these goals and we are proud to be part of a strong public education system.

At Bucasia State School we take pride in the tradition and reputation of the school for pursuing the highest standards in behaviour of the students and in the academic program, the sporting and music program. 

Students are proud to wear their school uniform which is well recognised in the community and provides children with a sense of belonging. 

Our school motto Live and Learn plays an important part in fostering the well-being and personal development of each student as we work alongside our parent body to prepare our youth for the challenges of the future.

Indeed we all look forward with excitement to creating futures together with parents and the school community.

Our signature pedagogy at this school is 'Explicit Instruction'. In a nutshell, the skill is explained and demonstrated clearly to student, practised together and then practised alone. Students are very clear about the learning intent and the success criteria. This has enormous benefits for our students, teachers and parents as we grow together as a learning community. So, our predominately good student learning results will be even more impressive!

Our teachers are focussing on improving student learning in regard to numeracy and writing, where we intend all students should be achieving well above the national minimum standards and our targets are:

  1. Increase the percentage of students achieving a 'B' standard or above in English from 54.6% in 2019 to 56% in 2020 and having 87% of students achieve a 'C' standard.
  2. Increase the percentage of students achieving a 'B' standard or above in Mathematics from 66.8% in 2019 to 68% in 2020 and having 93% of students achieve a 'C' standard. 

This means that professional development, directed and explicit teaching will be targeted at these areas as particular needs of the students in the school. Other curriculum areas will not be disadvantaged by this.

On a general note, we rely heavily on ICT for communication. The platforms we use are:

  • Facebook for school and community celebrations and news
  • Qschools app for school specific news including calendars, newsletter, tuckshop menu...
  • Qparents app for child and family specific information including attendance, reporting and finance.

Our school continues to experience growth. This year we commenced the school year with 19 classroom teachers and we have grown again. In 2021, we are on track to have 20 classes. We are enrolment managed, so please check our boundaries and call the school if you have any questions.

Belinda Eckford


Last reviewed 23 June 2020
Last updated 23 June 2020