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Technology involves the design and production of innovative and creative products to meet the needs and wants of others.
Technology provides students with opportunities to:
·         respond to design tasks by using their imagination to design and create products or services using a variety of materials, techniques, processes and tools
·         explore and evaluate new and innovative products and designs
·         manage technological processes in an efficient, appropriate and safe manner
·         evaluate and reflect on the functionality and impact of products and how well they meet the consumer's needs and wants.


Health and physical education (HPE) promotes the value of physical activity in students' lives. It gives students opportunities to learn about and practice ways of working with others and adopt and maintain a healthy, productive and active life.
HPE studies allow students to:
·         participate in regular and varied physical education experiences
·         promote the health of their community, and to make informed decisions relating their own health and safety and that of others
·         develop and refine personal and social skills to promote positive interactions with others, be resilient and manage their own lives.


The Arts encompass those artistic pursuits that express and communicate - through dance, drama, media, music and visual art - what it is to be human.
Through these five distinct art forms, we develop, share and pass on understandings of ourselves, our histories, our cultures and our worlds to future generations.
The Arts provide students with the knowledge, skills and understandings to express ideas, observations, experiences, values and beliefs.
Students use their creativity, imagination and senses as they develop, extend and enhance their understanding of arts practice through active inquiry, engagement and reflection, both individually and collaboratively.